Bella was the second puppy to be born in this litter. She is one of the two sable females that Hank and Dagny produced. Her new family lives near Kansas City and they are doing such a great job raising her.

Bella has an adoptive sister, an older English Bulldog. Although her sister has a hard time keeping up with Bella who is a high spirited and very playful pup, they are best buds. 

Bella loves water and, when she is not attacking the sprinkler or the water hose, she likes to splash around in her blue tub.  Her owners have been doing a great job training her and, between the lessons at home and the puppy classes that she took, she has made great progress and we think she will be a great family member and protector going forward. 

Watch Bella Grow

6 days old

6 days old

6 days old

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