Kyra was the only solid black pup in this litter, the fourth one to be born. We love the solid black shepherds and we were really excited to welcome Kyra into the world. 

From the beginning she was a playful and high spirited girl and we were really happy when Alex and Michelle, a very nice, young couple from Columbia, MO decided to adopt her. They were a great match for Kyra because we felt that she needed to join an active family that would provide an environment in which she could thrive. 

Alex's parents contacted us shortly after and decided to adopt one of Kyra's sisters, Adina. The sisters are now best friends and they get to visit each other often and play while growing up together. They are both very loved and are lucky to have such great families.

Watch Kyra Grow

6 days old

6 days old

6 days old

Picture Updates from Kyra's Family


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