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Goodbye "F" Litter!

I remember the night when you were born very well. As usual, it was late at night when the first one of you arrived. I expected a big litter because Ally, your mommy, had nine of your brothers and sisters the last time she gave birth. However, I did not expect her to bring 13 of you into the world this time around.

It was a very easy delivery and you all came out so fast that I barely had time to clean and get one of you settled because another one was already on his way out. You were all born in less than 6 hours and, for a moment there, I felt like you were being brought into the world on a conveyor belt.

The 12 of you took your first breath in the palm of my hand and you were all healthy and strong but unfortunately, one of your little brothers was not meant for this world and we had to say a very tearful goodbye to him and watch him walk across the rainbow bridge just moments after he was born.

The following two weeks were very challenging. Although you were all thriving and growing, nursing had to happen literally around the clock. I divided you in three groups and supervised every feeding to make sure that all of you would get the milk that you needed.

Mommy Ally was absolutely amazing and we both carried you through your first weeks of life without a hiccup. There was almost no sleep for your mommy or for me but we both loved you very much and watched you get bigger every day and that was all that mattered.

Now, as we are saying goodbye, we are thrilled to see you being welcomed by so many loving arms and we can't wait to watch you grow and hear about all the adventures that await you in your new life. Grow big, grow strong, be good boys and girls, go out into the world and make mommy Ally and daddy Vulcan proud.

Florence, you will stay close and will join a beautiful family in Little Rock, Arkansas. They truly are wonderful people and we are so happy that you found them.

Finn, you will also stay close, in Fort Smith, Arkansas. You have a great surprise waiting for you because your half brother who is a few weeks older was adopted by the son of your new mommy and his family. I can't wait to see some pictures of you two playing together.

Rip, your new family has made the drive all the way from Wellington, Florida to pick you up and hold you in their arms for the very first time. You'll also have a surprise when you'll finally get to your new home. An older German Shepherd "sister" named Mindy.

Freya, your new mommy drove for many hours to see you when you were just a few weeks old and now she flew in all the way from Broomfield, Colorado to take you back home with her where you will meet your new "brother" Thor, a really cute Beagle.

Piper, your new family lives in Catoosa, Oklahoma and they fell in love with you at first sight. They are no strangers to the German Shepherd breed and you will have to fill some really big shoes and a big hole in their hearts left by their very handsome boy named Trooper. We have no doubt that your amazing personality and that cute face of yours will heal any wound.

Nelly, your new daddy drove from Carbondale, Illinois and he was very happy to meet you and to bring you back home to meet your new "sister" Nova, a beautiful chocolate Lab. As you can see, your protection services will hardly be needed going forward since your new daddy looks like he can totally take care of himself.

Kona, your new family drove from Pleasant Hill, Missouri and they will bring you home with them where there are three absolutely gorgeous blond little girls ready to love you and play with you every day.

Lola, you will be living with your new daddy in Athens, Georgia and by the look of this picture you will have a hard time keeping the girls away from him unless you don't mind sharing his love and attention.

Michonne, you've got a great family who lives in Millersville, Missouri and, after meeting them, we are certain that you will be loved and cherished more than you can imagine.

Garos, your new daddy has great plans for you and he will be flying you back to Paige, Texas where you will train in protection and, later on when you will be all grown up, have some puppies of your own. As you can see from this picture, your new daddy fell in love with you at first sight.

Saber, your new mommy will drive you to Muldrow, Oklahoma where a warm welcome awaits you in the arms of a beautiful family that can't wait to meet you and to love you for the rest of your life.

Willow, you have a long drive ahead of you all the way to Sylva, North Carolina where you will meet your new "sister" Salina, a Redbone Coonhound. Your new mommy can't wait to start a new life with you and have you as her best friend for the rest of your days.

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