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Merry Christmas from the Atlas Shepherds Family!

It's been a rough few months for us keeping up with 17 puppies and making sure they would grow happy and healthy to join their new families right before Christmas. Both Mia and Ally did a wonderful job as mommas and we couldn't be more proud of them. For Christmas this year we all took a long and well deserved break, slept a lot, caught up with friends, resumed training but most of all, we really enjoyed getting all those picture updates from our pups.

Here is Mesa trying to help her mom and dad with the Christmas lights. As you can see she is doing a hell of a job! Who needs to decorate the tree when you can simply become one?

Mesa, 9 months old. Lives in North Dakota. ("C" litter, Vulcan & Mia)

Randi spent Christmas day at Tinsel Trail and she has been a very good girl. As you can see she is proudly posing for the camera and she is definitely expecting a treat.

Randi, 9 months old. Lives in Tennessee. ("C" litter, Vulcan & Mia)

If there ever was a Very Merry German Shepherd Christmas then Avi's family is where it's at! With four "brothers" and "sisters" and two "cousins", looks like Avi had a great Christmas in good company.

Avi tried to convince everybody she was an elf but, despite the very believable ears, she really wasn't fooling anybody.

Avi, 2 years old. Lives in Idaho. ("B" litter, Hank & Dagny)

Mattis spent Christmas morning snacking, opening presents and teaching his mommy the art of head tilting. These two are as inseparable as they are adorable!

Mattis, 8 months old. Lives in Texas. ("D" litter, Vulcan & Ally)

Zuri had a really nice Christmas with her family and, as you can see, she had not one but two Christmas trees which means double the temptation and double the reason to get in trouble. In the end she decided to be a good girl and she even posed nicely for the camera.

Zuri, 3 months old. Lives in Missouri. ("E" litter, Vulcan & Mia)

Freya didn't even know it was Christmas. When you live in a sea of toys and presents, being showered with love and attention every day, Christmas is just another date in the calendar.

Freya, 2 months old. Lives in Colorado. ("F" litter, Vulcan & Ally)

Kyra got a giant puppy stocking and, as every respectable shepherd would do, she had to thoroughly inspect it and insure that it was no threat before giving it the ok.

Kyra, 2.5 years old. Lives in Missouri. ("A" litter, Hank & Dagny)

We hope you had a very happy Christmas and that you have enjoyed it together with your four legged friends and family. From our Atlas Shepherds family to yours here's the biggest smile from our happiest boy Vulcan. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

If you own one of our pups and you haven't sent us a Christmas picture yet, we are looking forward to getting one. We will keep adding pictures to this post as we receive them so hurry and look into your phone for one. We know you have at least a couple in there. ;)

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