• Ady

Puppy Playtime (video)

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

The pups are getting bigger everyday. They can finally see and hear and they are on to me! There's no walking in the puppy room anymore without them waking up and demanding milk and attention. They love playing with each other and these early interactions are very important. Playing with their siblings helps them develop social skills and behaviors that will determine their personality traits in the future. They learn from each other and from mom to not bite hard and they begin to develop a pack dynamic which will help them in their future interactions with other dogs. I started to introduce the milk replacer a few days ago as I am getting ready to start the weaning process. They have all finally learned, after a few long and messy days, to drink from the bowl and I think tomorrow they'll be ready for a bit of puppy food mixed in their milk. As voracious as these pups are, I imagine they will go crazy for this new and delicious treat.

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