We had an amazing experience with Atlas Shepherds. I can't recommend them highly enough. They are highly invested in the care of their family dogs to ensure a high quality, healthy litter. 

Atlas Shepherds is very knowledgeable about bloodlines, temperament, training and healthcare. 

They are dedicated to the pups, ensuring each receive equal love, attention, and nutrition in the early vital weeks of development.

We were not able to personally pick out our new pup but Atlas Shepherds was able to recommend a good match based on the needs for our family. 

New owners will find themselves waiting for "pupdates" while they await their new family member. Afterward, the group chats are fun but the helpful individual guidance and support is undoubtedly the best customer service I've ever received!!!

Julie & Brett S.

Proud parents of Adina von Atlas

Our family had been looking for a few months for a female shepherd to be a companion for our 4 yr old male.

After looking at many breeders and for sale pages, I came across Atlas Shepherds, looked at the pics of their new litter and at the parents and instantly knew the blanket back female was the pup we had been looking for. After talking to Ady on the phone, it only confirmed that we wanted this female. 

The puppy picture updates we would receive every week made it feel like we were watching our girl grow without actually being there.

Once we got her, my wife and I were amazed at how healthy and beautiful our "Shadow" was in person. 

Very playful and laid back shepherd but will alert when she needs to. We are very pleased with every aspect of our experience with Atlas Shepherds. 

Randy & Kyla S.

Proud parents of Shadow von Atlas

Logan is THE BEST guard dog! I wanted a dog that would be alert to strangers around the house and he is. He is also very good with our kids.


He plays gently and he is protective of them. He will watch anybody that comes around the kids like a hawk but he has not shown any unjustified aggression to anyone.


Potty training was a breeze. It took about a month for him to learn to go outside. He is absolutely the best!

Summer C.

Proud parent of Logan von Atlas




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