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Breeding Program

Our family has been raising working lines German Shepherds for three generations starting in Eastern Europe and ending in the American South where we are currently located.


We aim to produce dogs that can measure to our highest standards of conformation, character and health. We own a limited amount of dogs that we carefully select and match to produce better and stronger representatives of the breed.


Our dogs are our companions and our guardians. They enjoy a lot of freedom on our secluded 40 acre property, the best food and healthcare, lots of playtime and, in exchange, they provide our family with outstanding alarm and protection services... and lots and lots of love of course.

When you take one of our puppies home, you'll get a dog with a solid conformation built for endurance as well as force, an elegant animal with a friendly but fearless character, a healthy dog that will be a lifetime friend and companion.  


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We had an amazing experience with Atlas Shepherds. I can't recommend them highly enough. They are highly invested in the care of their family dogs to ensure a high quality, healthy litter. Atlas Shepherds is very knowledgeable about bloodlines, temperament, training and healthcare. They are dedicated to the pups, ensuring each receive equal love, attention, and nutrition in the early vital weeks of development.

New owners will find themselves waiting for "pupdates" while they await their new family member. Afterward, the group chats are fun but the helpful individual guidance and support is undoubtedly the best customer service I've ever received!!!


Julie & Brett S.

Proud parents of Adina

Ady is really great to work with. From answering question after question before we adopted, to providing updates on the pups throughout the whole process, the experience with Atlas Shepherds makes all the difference.

Post-adoption Atlas Shepherds continues to provide support and guidance with advice on training, behavior control, and health-related questions. It is obvious that they are dedicated to ensuring that each dog gets a long and happy life. Kyra has been everything we wanted and continues to impress. We are Atlas Shepherds fans for life.

Alex S.& Michelle C.

Proud parents of Kyra


Atlas Shepherds and Ady are everything I ever wanted in a GSD breeder and more and I could not be happier with our amazing puppy-girl Scout. She is exactly the GSD I wanted. When you, as a serious and responsible future GSD owner, want to be successful in your search for that perfect dog, you really must begin by finding the perfect breeder. That requires finding a breeder who not only has the right lines, but also one who knows what she’s doing, understands what you require, and tells it like it is.


For Ady, it’s clear that breeding the right dogs, truly improving the breed, and matching puppies with the right owners is a passion that she cannot deny and a challenge that she is compelled to meet. Scout is beautiful, healthy, drivey, sporty, fun, and focused. My son and I could not be happier with her. We are so happy in fact that we will welcome a second dog from Atlas Shepherds on our farm in May.

Greg P.

Proud parent of Scout

We purchased our first German Shepherd from Ady at Atlas Shepherds. Ms Bella is the most intelligent dog and she learned very fast. We needed a friend for our English bulldog and she is definitely the perfect dog to fill that spot. She is the ball of fire that we love. Loves the water and the videos of her that we have taken are priceless and so much fun to watch. She is very healthy and has been since we got her two years ago. Very protective and loving.


If you are thinking of adding a shepherd to your household, Atlas Shepherds is the place to contact. They are very knowledgeable and will give you answers to your questions even after you take your puppy home. We love Bella so much we are getting another one from them real soon.


 Todd & Cathy W.

Proud parents of Bella


Our family had been looking for a few months for a female shepherd to be a companion for our 4 yr old male.​ After looking at many breeders and for sale pages, I came across Atlas Shepherds, looked at the pics of their new litter and at the parents and instantly knew the blanket back female was the pup we had been looking for.

The puppy picture updates we would receive every week made it feel like we were watching our girl grow without actually being there. Once we got her, my wife and I were amazed at how healthy and beautiful our "Shadow" was in person. Very playful and laid back shepherd but will alert when she needs to. We are very pleased with every aspect of our experience with Atlas Shepherds. 

Randy & Kyla S.

Proud parents of Shadow 

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Logan is THE BEST guard dog! I wanted a dog that would be alert to strangers around the house and he is. He is also very good with our kids. He plays gently and he is protective of them. He will watch anybody that comes around the kids like a hawk but he has not shown any unjustified aggression to anyone. Potty training was a breeze. It took about a month for him to learn to go outside. He is absolutely the best!

Summer C.

Proud parent of Logan

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Finn #2 b.png

I have been the proud mother of an Atlas Shepherds pup for eight months. Everything I hoped for in a new baby was made possible because of the outstanding breeding program Ady provides. Since I brought Finn home I have kept in touch with Ady and I have followed her extremely beneficial advice resulting in an eight month old, 87lb, healthy, smart, funny and loving puppy. Yes, Finn is a Big Boy!


You’ll know you have a great puppy when you take him to his very first vet visit. My vet informed me that he has seen very few breeders as knowledgeable and outstanding as Ady. Last week at the Farmer’s Market, a lady put her hand on her chest, and said to me, “thank you for letting me see the most gorgeous dog I’ve ever seen.” That’s my Finn! Everywhere I take Finn, people tell me how spectacular he is. He is a showstopper!


The best advice I can offer anyone who is lucky to receive one of Ady’s pups is to listen to her. She knows her dogs. She will more than successfully match your family’s personality with the right puppy’s temperament. I am looking forward to years of joy with my Finn!


Alex H.

Proud Parent of Finn

I cannot recommend Atlas Shepherds enough! Ady is fantastic, she truly cares about educating and helping the owner and puppy be successful together. When I was ready to welcome a new shepherd into my home after losing my first one, I spent months researching breeders. I spoke with dozens of breeders and the second I spoke with Ady I knew I wanted an Atlas puppy. She was, and still is, so helpful with training, health, education and she genuinely enjoys puppy updates and pictures! Ady continues to support the puppy and owner long after the puppy goes home.


I explained to Ady exactly what I wanted in a puppy regarding temperament and energy and Freya couldn't be more perfect! She loves everyone and everything and has a confident and calm demeanor. Freays is everything I wanted and more. Everyone who meets her is not only impressed by her looks but also by her temperament and personality. If you’re considering adding a German Shepherd to your family you will not be disappointed with an Atlas Shepherd puppy… in fact you’ll end up wanting more than one.


Tamara F.

Proud parent of Freya

281138646_10160137115814419_2239272420691234014_n a.jpg

Arkansas based Atlas Shepherds specializes in beautiful European working line German shepherd dogs. If you are looking for a high energy, super intelligent, super healthy, eager to please, affectionate companion, look no further. Ady, is passionate about her breeding program and is always available to answer questions and give sound advice on training, and other issues. I have a beautiful black girl from the F litter. She is a challenge and a joy. I look forward to completing obedience titles with her in the near future.


Andrea W.

Proud parent of Piper

Atlas Shepherds are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and always there to answer any questions you have regardless if your puppy is 8 weeks or 8 years old. They are a true lifetime support kind of breeder. Ady produces amazing, healthy dogs and I always get compliments everywhere I go about how beautiful my German Shepherd is. I truly recommend getting a puppy from Atlas Shepherds!

Courtney B.

Proud parent of Devi

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290592425_1238279383242791_2919695577976716208_n a.jpg

I have had several highly pedigreed German Shepherds over my adult life, all of them beautiful in their own way. However, I have never had a Shepherd as stunning as the one I got from Ady. Whenever I take him out in public I am constantly stopped and complimented on my "stunning" German Shepherd. Of course, looks should be secondary when you are looking to purchase a German Shepherd, and the pup's temperament should always be the first consideration. Sadly, that is rarely the case for me but thankfully temperament it is not secondary to Atlas Shepherds.


Ady has put temperament at the forefront of her breeding program and as a result, their German Shepherds are the way they were meant to be. My pup is not only beautiful he is strong, brave and always ready to work. The personality he has at home playing with our other dogs (goofy and fun loving) is a strong contrast to how he behaves when I take him to the office (calm, confident and alert). He is an awesome dog.


When you get a dog from Atlas Shepherds, you are also going to get a breeder who is willing to help you every step of the way. Ady cares very much about the pups she breeds. She answers questions all the time (even the dumb ones) and does everything she can to make sure her pups make a great addition to your family. If you want a working line German Shepherd I highly recommend Atlas Shepherds.


Trent B.

Proud parent of Sam

We started looking for a German Shepherd breeder after we lost a beloved German Shepherd to cancer at 4 years of age. From the beginning Ady was great to deal with. We talked on the phone several times, she answered all my questions, and in turn, I assured her that her puppy would be going to a loving and caring home. Our past German Shepherds had great temperaments but lacked physical health. Ady assured me that she took every measure to breed healthy, well-tempered dogs.

Randi has been a total joy. She is smart, well mannered, plays well with other dogs and is very loyal to her family. She is beautiful and has had no signs of any health issues. Unlike past puppies we brought home, Randi was a breeze to potty train. She was pretty much trained the day we got her. I attribute that to Ady’s well run breeding program and her preparations to transition her puppies to their forever homes. Additionally, Ady makes herself available throughout the life of all her dogs for questions and advice. We highly recommend Atlas Shepherds.


Laura & Charles S.

Proud parents of Randi

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