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During his stay, your dog will live in our home as part of our family. Your dog will get the attention and interactions necessary to continue to live a stress-free, happy and engaging life and will be treated with the same love and respect that my own dogs enjoy on daily basis. We have a strong belief that the stressful and loud environment of a regular boarding facility is not conducive to learning new behaviors and it is definitely not the right environment to establish better home and social manners.

Our Board and Train program is focused on basic obedience and behavioral modification. Depending on your dog's needs or on how far you want your dog to progress in his training, we offer two or four weeks programs.

Board and Train Program

We offer a two week or four week board and train program which also includes a preparatory phone session, an intake session, a two hour go-home session, plus continued online or phone support that will help you maintain and further develop your dog's training.


Dogs are complex beings endowed with free will. A good training program aims at extinguishing old bad habits and establishing a solid foundation for new and preferable behaviors to take hold. With our inclusive package you will have all the guidance needed to continue the work that was done during our program so you can further provide the structure and training necessary for success.

Basic Obedience


Loose leash walking

Solid recall





Place command

Home and social manners

(no jumping when greeting people, waiting at the door, waiting politely for his food, etc.)

Behavioral modification

Leash reactivity


Separation anxiety

Excessive barking

Compulsive behaviors

Car anxiety or restlessness

These are just some of the issues that we can address in our behavioral modification board and train program.

2 Weeks Board and Train - $900

4 Weeks Board and Train - $1,700

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In-Person Training

Bloodtrailing or Shed Dog Training Package


When it comes to working teams, we are strong believers that you can only be successful if you are the one who is training your dog. Starting in scent-based training can be hard, especially if the training is aimed at developing the skills necessary for a true working dog. This is why we are offering an in-person training package where we will provide you with the guidance necessary to become a successful working team and start your training on the right track. We train you to train your dog.

Training will take place on our 40 acre property that provides the perfect environment needed for this type of work. Our working dog program offers in-person sessions plus online or phone guidance and support so you can hit the woods next season with confidence.


For bloodtrailing teams we also offer the opportunity to shadow an established and successful team, and join them on multiple tracks as they perform in real work scenarios. This session comes at an extra cost, is available only during hunting season. and is optional.


6 Sessions Working Team Package - $400


Online/Phone Training

Given the right guidance and tools, you can achieve a lot with your dog. If you are looking to teach your dog some basic obedience skills, if you are struggling with unwanted behaviors, if you are a sport team in need of some help to overcome an obstacle in your training or if you are a working team in need of mentorship, we'd love to help. We offer 30 or 60 minutes online or phone sessions to support and guide you in your own training process.

30 Minutes Session - $30

60 Minute Session - $50

Schedule a free consultation or book a phone session

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