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"Ally" Halle v Haus Danks

Ally is a large female weighing about 75lb. Her Czechoslovakian roots can be traced back to the Border Patrol shepherds who are famous for their toughness and their high workability. Ally's pedigree holds many titled dogs and her ancestry is made up of numerous champions. With a high ball drive, always eager to engage, never losing focus, she is a great dog to work with and a lot of fun to train.


Ally is built for strength and endurance and her speed is always surprising considering her larger size. Extremely sociable and very playful, Ally is always looking for a playmate and she is the happiest when she is the center of attention. We enjoy having her around very much and we are very thankful that she came with a great off switch that kicks in when we all need to take a break from playing and training. 

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