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Introduction to NASDA Workshop


Join Atlas Sport Dogs and NASDA judge Ady Dudas for a workshop full of learning opportunities and fun searches with your dog!

The workshop is divided in two parts. Working teams and auditors will participate in a presentation of the subjects listed below, followed by hands on training and practice runs where working teams will have the opportunity to get ready for competition. Auditors will be encouraged to observe and ask questions.


Come train with us and get ready to start earning those titles and colorful ribbons! 

Workshop Summary

NASDA classes

(Lost Item, Shed Dog, Urban Locating, Trailing & Locating, Trailing Brace, Urban & Lost Item Games)

Class levels

(Level I, II, III, Master Champion & Grand Champion)

Point system and deductions

Earning titles strategy

Handler's role in the search

Dog's role in the search

Trial equipment

Training your dog for NASDA competition

Join us for a day full of NASDA fun with engaging searches and a dynamic training experience!

To book this workshop please contact Atlas Sport Dogs:

870-373 3976

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