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NASDA Handling Skills Workshop


Join NASDA judge Ady Dudas of Atlas Sport Dogs for a workshop that will prepare you for success as you advance in the higher levels of the sport. Build your confidence as a handler and get ready for the next steps in your development as a winning team!

The workshop will be divided in two parts. Working teams and auditors will participate in a short presentation of some of the subjects listed below followed by lots of hands-on training where working teams will develop the skills necessary for succeeding in the higher levels of NASDA. Auditors will be encouraged to observe and ask questions.

Join us and take your skills to the next level!

Workshop Summary

Reading the dog's body language

Handling body language

Working the wind

Building endurance for higher levels

Maintaining a smooth and continuous search

Understanding point deductions in NASDA

Leash handling skills

Start line routine and sourcing
Directional recall

Discrimination between false / distractor odor and target odor

Working elevated and inaccessible hides

Making the find / clear call

Understanding rewards and rates of reinforcement

Teaching a solid retrieve for the higher levels in Shed Dog

Join us for a day full of NASDA fun with engaging searches and a dynamic training experience!

To book this workshop please contact Atlas Sport Dogs:

870-373 3976

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