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Goodbye "E" Litter!

It's been a fun but challenging two and a half months since you were born. Although you are more than 20lb today, it seems like only yesterday I was holding you in the palm of my hand, watching you take you first breath in this world.

You have brought us so much joy and now we will get to watch you bring that joy to your new families. We made sure that you will have a happy and fulfilled life alongside some really great people that wanted to adopt you.

We will miss you but we will love watching you grow and achieve your full potential. We'll always be happy to get picture updates and news about you from your new families and hearing about you will be the highlight of many of our days. Go be good boys and girls, become great dogs and bring joy and love into your new homes.


"Sam" Emmett of Atlas Shepherds. You will join your new family in Texas. Waiting for you at your new home, are quite a few "brothers" and "sisters" including a Golden Doodle and a Mastiff.

You will have a very important role in your new home. You joined a family of kind and loving people who foster and help rehabilitate abandoned or abused dogs and you will have the chance to help with that.

Your new family was excited to meet you and we have no doubt that they will raise you in a warm and loving home and we can't wait to get those picture updates and stories about your adventures.


"Zuri" Elderberry of Atlas Shepherds. Your new home is in Missouri. Your new family is no stranger to the German Shepherd and they will have a lot of fun training you in Schutzhund.

Right from the start we knew that you were going to be a challenging puppy that will need a real working home where you could reach your full potential. Your high drives and fearless personality needed a special home and we were thrilled when your new family called us to ask if we had a pup just like you.

We can't wait to see all the ways in which you will excel in the sport and we will be right there on the sidelines cheering you on all the way.


"Gus" Equilibrium of Atlas Shepherds. Your new home is in Mississippi and you will have a very important role going forward. Your new daddy is traveling a lot for work so you will be tasked with protecting your home and your mom while he's away.

You will get to train in protection and step into the role that your breed loves and excels at most: that of a family guardian and protector.

We are excited to see your journey going forward and we can't wait to watch you grow into a strong and confident dog".


"Jagger" Evil Twin of Atlas Shepherds. Lots of fun awaits you. You have joined an awesome family with older children and I can already see lots of playtime and fun in your future.

With your laid back nature and your always sunny disposition you will definitely make the greatest family pet and companion. And, as a plus, your half brother from our "F" litter will be joining your extended family. You see, your new daddy's mom adopted a puppy from us as well and you will get to meet, play and grow alongside him.

Your new mommy is already wearing our Atlas Shepherds cap and something tells me that you'll fit right in.


"Cairo" Every Which Way But Loose of Atlas Shepherds. You were the last one to leave. We have loved hanging out with you one on one after your siblings left. For the past two weeks we started your training and we really enjoyed having you around. The good news is that, although you are leaving, you will stay very close to home here in Arkansas and maybe we'll get to see you again sometime. The young man that adopted you wanted a German Shepherd for a while and he is looking forward to training you. We are certain that you will make him proud no matter which sport he chooses to pursue with you.

His mother was there to welcome you and we heard that your new daddy totally fell in love with you when he came home and finally met you. We are looking forward to watching you grow into a fantastic German Shepherd that will turn heads everywhere he goes.

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