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We're back!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

After moving from Missouri to Arkansas to a larger and more secluded property, after adding two high quality beautiful females and a stunning DDR stud to our breeding program, after surviving many challenges over the past year, we're bigger, we're better, we're stronger and we're back!

Dog breeding is not for the faint of heart, not when you care about your dogs as much as we do. We pour our hearts into our dogs and, when puppies come, we pour every ounce of energy and care into them.

We took some time away from breeding and recharged our batteries. With the addition of Mia and Ally as well as with the stud services of Vulcan, we have broadened our bloodlines to deliver to you an outstanding German Shepherd. During our hiatus we focused more on training for Rally, AKC Obedience, blood trailing and shed hunting and we started to learn the ropes in protection sports. We truly enjoyed the time with our dogs on our new 40 acres, secluded property. We built fences, tiled and air conditioned our puppy rooms and we prepared to welcome new puppies into the world.

We currently have a litter of six gorgeous pups and we are expecting another one in less than a month. If you have been patiently waiting to get a pup from us, know that we are incredibly grateful for your support and for the trust you placed in us. You are already at the top of our waiting list and your pup is growing bigger and stronger every day.

If you have not contacted us yet for a puppy, now is the time to hurry and place that call. Your loyal friends and companions are waiting for you to bring them home.

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