Fall Litter 2019


Dagny Taggart

von Atlas



August 21st 2019

All puppies in this litter have been adopted.

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Hank Rearden

von Atlas


For more info on our previous litter and for pictures of older pups please visit the link below.

We are excited to present to you our 2019 fall litter. These puppies will be the second of a series of litters that we have envisioned for Hank and Dagny. With this sire-dam combo we are looking to create a line of shepherds which embodies the best qualities from both dogs and their distinct lineages. 


Hank's roots come from western Europe while Dagny's come from the eastern part of the continent. With this match, we aim to produce a dog that is perfect for its role of companion and protector within a family.


By blending the elegance, intelligence and gentleness of the western GSD lines with the hardiness, obedience and courage of the eastern GSD lines, our goal is to deliver to you a lifetime friend, a loving guardian, a dog with a well balanced temperament and a royal aspect, who will turn heads everywhere you'll go.

We don't breed dogs, we design them.

Puppy package 



What you'll get:

1 beautiful & healthy puppy

Full AKC registration form (breeding rights included)

30 days pet insurance

Lifetime advice and support from Atlas Shepherds

UTD vaccination, deworming & health records

Food & water bowls

Chew treats & toys

Collar & leash

Atlas Shepherds baseball cap



You can claim your puppy with $200 deposit right now,

the remainder $800 to be paid upon pick-up or delivery.

We can deliver to parts of the US.

Call or text 870-373 3976 to reserve a puppy in this litter. 

Cash, PayPal, money orders or checks accepted. 



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