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Puppy Package Plus

Every one of our puppies will come with a complimentary Puppy Package with basic starter items including your puppy's first collar and leash, food and water bowls, chew treats and toys. In the past, we had requests for an extended puppy package that would include more than just the basics so, for this litter we have decided to put together an extended version that adds more items, focusing more on the basic training needs that you might have once your puppy comes home so we can set you up for success. 


Our Puppy Package + brings you great deals on quality items that we have successfully used in the past and that we recommend wholeheartedly so you can start your journey with your pup on the right foot and we did our best to bring it to you well below the market price. Here's what you'll get:


Large Crate

This crate is solid build, foldable and portable and it comes with a divider. The divider allows you to use this crate in the early days with your puppy and expand it to give your grown dog more room. There is no need to buy two crates as your puppy grows in size. The crate has a removable tray that allows for easy cleanup. We have used these crates with our dogs for a long time and they are durable, practical, easy to store or transport and we wholeheartedly recommend it. 

Dimensions: 48" x 30" x 33"

Treat Pouch.png

Training Treats Pouch

We have tried many treat pouches before settling on this one. We have found that most pouches have been impractical and hard to clean, but this one we totally fell in love with. Made of soft but durable rubber, it allows for easy cleaning and fast drying. The opening is magnetically sealed which allows for easy access to treats while providing an automatic seal after each time your hand reaches in. No need to worry about spilling treats and no need to take time to close it after each use. It can hold dry and wet treats and it can be clipped and removed from your belt very easily. 


2 Balls on Rope

The ball on rope is a must have in the toolbox of any trainer. We included this set of two balls in the package because we have used this product with our dogs for a long time and we really like it. The rope allows you to take the play one step further than the chase and retrieve routine by engaging your dog in a game of tug. The two balls are great at preventing your dog from playing "keep away" and using both while training will make your recalls faster and more reliable. This is definitely a must have item!

Poop Bag.png

Slip Collar

This is another all time favorite of trainers and pet owners alike. Your pup will need to be a bit older before he'll be ready for it but this is a much better alternative to the usual flat collar. It provides more security as the dog cannot pull his head out and escape, it does not rub on the fur around his neck leaving an ugly mark, but most of all it allows you to control your dog much better and it's great at delivering mild guiding corrections during the training phase. 

Waste Bag Holder With Flashlight

The clip makes it easy to attach to your belt loops or your leash and the built in flashlight comes in very handy during your late night walks.


Atlas Shepherds Cap

These caps are made out of quality materials and embroidered with the Atlas Shepherds name. Their unique design features a side pocket with a zipper. The caps are one size fits all and they come in multiple colors: Black, Indigo Blue, Navy Blue, Olive, Pink and White. I have one in every color and I love them so much that you will hardly see me out without wearing one. 

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