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Introduction to Rally Workshop


Join Atlas Sport Dogs and Ady Dudas for a workshop that will introduce you to the fun world of AKC Rally. This sport offers the opportunity to compete with your dog in person at various events offered by AKC clubs around the country or opt for an online submission of several courses that you can freely choose from. 

Rally is an obedience centered sport and it is aimed at teams that are ready to transition from pet training into the world of competitive obedience. With a little guidance and a bit more work, you too will be ready to take your training to the next level and solidify the bond you have with your dog.

The workshop is divided in two parts. Working teams and auditors will participate in a presentation where they will have the chance to familiarize themselves with the rules of the sport and with the Rally signs, followed by lots of hands-on training where working teams will have the opportunity to get ready for competition. Auditors will be encouraged to observe and ask questions.


Join us for a dynamic training experience that will prepare you to step into the AKC ring and earn your first Rally title!

Workshop Summary

Understanding Rally signs

Rally levels

(Novice, Intermediary, Advanced, Excellent, Master)

Point system andeductions


Rules for online submission

Navigating the Rally ring as a handler

Understanding rewards and rates of reinforcement

Classical conditioning

Operant conditioning

Training your dog for Rally competition

Get ready to step with confidence into the world of competitive obedience and turn your pet

into a sport dog!

To book this workshop please contact Atlas Sport Dogs:

870-373 3976

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