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Advanced Shed Dog Workshop

Join NASDA judge Ady Dudas and Atlas Sport Dogs for a comprehensive workshop that will help prepare sport teams advance into the higher levels of the Shed Dog class. The Advanced Shed Dog Workshop will cover in detail the steps in the Shed Dog training process that will deliver a focused start, a more efficient field search and a smooth and solid retrieve.


Ady trains and competes in various sports related to scent, competitive obedience and protection. Among the many sports that she enjoys, she is a big Shed Dog enthusiast.


Early in 2022 Ady started competing in NASDA's Shed Dog class with her German Shepherd named Hank. Before the year was over, Hank earned his Shed Dog Master Champion title placing 3rd nationwide and earning an invite at the 2023 NASDA Invitational where Hank took home 1st place in the SDMCH class.


Hank was the 6th dog and the first German Shepherd to earn the title in the history of the sport under the NASDA organization which was founded in 2016.

This workshop will be divided in two parts. Working teams and auditors will participate in a presentation of the subjects listed below, followed by hands on training where working teams will have the opportunity to put these training concepts into practice and auditors will be encouraged to observe and ask questions. 

Come spend a day training with us and get ready to compete in the higher levels of the Shed Dog class!

Workshop Summary


Drive building

Start line routine and sourcing

Understanding the dog's body language

Understanding the handling body language

Directional recall

Working different search environments

Working with distractions

Working the wind

Building endurance for higher levels

Maintaining a smooth and continuous search

Understanding rewards and rates of reinforcement

The retrieve

Training for multiple shed searches and retrieves

Clearing the field

Leaving the field

Understanding point deductions in NASDA's Shed Dog class

Join us for a day full of NASDA fun with engaging searches and a dynamic training experience!

To book this workshop please contact Atlas Sport Dogs:

870-373 3976

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