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What is NASDA?


The North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA) was formed in 2016 to showcase the natural abilities of dogs to assist people in searching, hunting, and locating.


Dogs are able to pick up odors up to 100.000 times better than humans can. NASDA was formed to demonstrate the breadth of these olfactory abilities. Trials are designed to resemble both historic working and competitive field work as closely as possible.


NASDA Working Dog Trials offer an opportunity for all dogs to engage in scent games previously open to only a select few breeds and working dogs. Competing teams can get titles and championships that showcase their merits and abilities within hunt and search situations.


NASDA offers urban and field search trials in several main classes:


Lost Item – Urban search for lost items such as wallets, keys and other personal objects.


Urban Locating – Urban search for rats contained safely and comfortably in a protective box.


Shed Dog – Field search for naturally shedded antlers.


Trailing and Locating – Field search for rats where a rat scent trail leading to the hide has been laid.

Trailing Brace – Field search for rats where a team of two dogs follow a scent trail leading to the hide.

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